Ways to Pamper Your Mom All Year Round

If there’s one person who deserves all the pampering in the world, it would have to be Mom. For all they’ve done and all the things they still do, mothers merit to frequently be made to feel special by the people she continuously showers with her unconditional love. Aside from celebrating Mother’s Day this month, regularly give her the gift of a fulfilled and happy life throughout the year. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Give her a break. Moms have tasks that she performs at home day in and day out. For once, let her relax for one whole day by forbidding her to do the cooking, cleaning, etc. as the rest of the family take on those activities. Encourage her to do something else that she’s been wanting to do but usually doesn’t have time for.
  • Surprise her with a great meal. Although moms have been cooking for their family for the longest time and enjoy doing it out of love, it would be nice if she can sit down for breakfast, lunch, or dinner that she didn’t have to whip up herself. Plan to prepare some special recipes at home or make reservations to a nice restaurant and bring her there for a special date.
  • Just be there. Our fast-paced lives sometimes make us forget to make time for the people we love. Despite your busyness, find moments to bond with your mom and remain an active part of her life. After all, one of the best gestures of love we can express is through the simple act of gifting someone with our presence. Offer to accompany her to a doctor’s checkup or join her while she goes on her regular walks.
  • Schedule her for a massage or a spa treatment. These kinds of pampering are actually valuable health tools and are not the luxurious activity that some people still mistake it for. For the elderly, a massage not only will provide relief from the aches of aging, it can also aid in digestion, promote better sleep, and lift up one’s mood.

For centuries, massage has been a healing tool recognized in many cultures. In fact, there is now scientific proof of its benefits that range from treating chronic diseases and injuries to easing physical and mental tensions brought about by our modern lifestyles.

For the whole month of May, Nurture Wellness Village has a couple of Mother’s Day offerings that are available from Sundays to Thursdays. Choose between the Spa Promo that includes a Hele Foot Spa, Mutya Natural Facial, and Hilot Kagalingan or the Overnight Promo for two that includes breakfast, dinner, and our signature massages.

Whatever surprises you’re planning for your Mom any time of the year, know that she will appreciate anything you do that is done out of love. Start thinking about the best ways you can show her just how much she is loved!