List of available services


Signature floral soothing strokes and freshly blended aromatherapy oils make our massages truly extraordinary.

Magsing-Irog Massage (60 minutes) – PHP 2,800.00 good for two

Intimate massage for two in a romantic couple’s room using our “Gayuma” blend of sandalwood, ylangylang and lavender essential oils.

Arugâ (60 minutes) – PHP 1,400.00

Total relaxation in our full body signature massage using a choice of Hulay Massage Oil – a soothing blend of lavender, cedar wood and grapefruit essential oils or Alaga Massage Oil – a blend of rosemary, ginger and peppermint essential oils.


Indigenous therapeutic massage influenced by generations of gifted natural healers

Hilot Kagalingan (60 minutes) – PHP 1,200.00

Customized Filipino massage using banana leaves, special herbs and coconut oil to detect the source of physical imbalance and bring your body back to health.


Pamper your hard working feet with our indigenous treatments.

Dagdagay Foot Massage (60 minutes) – PHP 1,000.00

Tribal foot massage using bamboo sticks to stimulate the soles and a soothing leg and foot massage to cap this stimulating yet soothing treatment

Hele Foot Spa (60 minutes) – PHP 990.00

Luxurious foot pampering! Your feet are wrapped and massaged in special oils, till you’re walking on air with cottony soft soles.


Digital Meridian Health Scan (DMS) (30 minutes) – PHP 1, 400.00

A computerized check up to monitor symptoms of illness in its early stage. Proven 80 to 90% accurate and is absolutely safe and non invasive.

Acupuncture (40 minutes) – PHP 1, 500.00

An ancient Chinese therapy which prevents sickness and treats diseases through stimulation of acupuncture points and unlocking energy channels.

Charcoal Body Wrap (1 hour) – PHP 2, 350.00

A detoxification therapy using charcoal as a powerful toxin absorber. Deeply cleanses the body and leaves a glowing effect on skin.

Coffee / Charcoal Enema (30 minutes) – PHP 1, 500.00

An old fashioned method of cleansing the body’s poisons through elimination of wastes via the colon using solutions including charcoal, coffee and wheatgrass.