Holistic Health Services

For those suffering from chronic disease like high blood pressure, kidney problems , diabetes, a customised treatment plan can be prepared for you, capably implemented by our inhouse Wellness Nurse and therapists. Nurture partners with experts to enhance its services: Dr. Sam Dizon for its alternative and complimentary medicine programs, Healthway Medical for its Executive Check up Programs, Brahma Kumaris for meditation and lifestyle counseling and Tagaytay Hospital and Medical Center for its medical, laboratory and emergency services requirements. Prices vary according to the plan prescribed.

The following detoxification services are offered and can be availed of individually.

An old fashioned method of cleansing the body’s poisons through elimination of waste via colon using solutions including charcoal and coffee



A combination treatment using both hydrotherapy (charcoal wrap) and electrotherapy (biomat) Used to lose weight, relieve pain, detoxify, lower the creatinine level. Also good as a beauty treatment.



A treatment using a specially designed chair that helps eradicates viral diseases and those of unknown cause. Boosts Energy, good for destroying microbes, fungus & bacteria.



Infra-red Negative Ion Treatment Detoxification. Healing, and eliminating toxins by lying on a mat with infrared heat rays and negative ions. This method stimulates cleansing, sweating & detoxification.



Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator Therapy- Also called Noninvasive acupuncture, TENS stimulates nerve, muscles, and cells via surface skin by low electricity to make the brain produce endorphins or natural pain killers to relieve symptoms and stop pain. Good for people who have arthritis and headache.



A detoxification therapy using charcoal as a powerful toxin absorber. Deeply cleanses the body of toxins and leaves a glowing effect on skin.



A detoxification therapy used to encourage sweating to eliminate harmful toxins.



A therapy to boost the immune system by increasing the body’s temperature in a tub of hot water.



Based on the oriental approach of treating diseases through stimulation of acupuncture points and unlocking energy channels. Scientific research has now accepted the effectiveness of acupuncture in addressing a wide range of physiological symptoms ranging from pain management to appetite suppression.