Filipino Spa & Pampering

“Important reminders: It is always best suggested for you to make an advance and confirmed reservation so that we will be able to give you your preferred time slot. Kindly contact our Sales and Reservation office which is opened everyday from 8:00AM till 8:00PM. On the other hand, walk-ins can only be accommodated pending on our availability’. Thank you so much!

We began our existence by spreading the word, and the comforts, of touch therapy – throughout the world as “massage.”

It has a long been proven that touch heals. Whether a gentle caress; an approving pat on the back; a teasing poke in the ribs; or a deep kneading of sore muscles, touch has the ability to heal, calm soothe, and give immense pleasure.

At Nurture Wellness Village, we combine the restorative and healing powers of a delightful selection of local and foreign massage therapies – provided by trained therapists – with amazingly curative aromatherapy.

Let us take good care of you and show you how amazing life can be.

Feel like a King or Queen with this combination of pampering treatments.

Kaaya-ayang Paglingap (180 minutes) 3 Treatments – P4000 (unavailable)

A favorite combination of Mayumi Coconut Body Polish, Manggang Yakap Body Wrap and Aruga Signature Body Massage.

Signature floral soothing strokes and freshly blended aromatherapy oils make our massages truly extraordinary.

Magsing-Irog Massage (60 minutes) P2800 good for two persons

Intimate massage for two in a romantic couple’s room using our “Gayuma” blend of sandalwood, ylangylang and lavender essential oils.

Ginhawa Body Massage (90 minutes) P1800 per head

Perfect for body aches and pains, an extended massage combined with light stretching using our “Alaga” blend of pine, tea tree and lavender essential oils.

Arugâ (60 minutes) P1400 per head

Total relaxation in our full body signature massage using Hulay Massage Oil – a soothing blend of lavender, cedar wood and grapefruit essential oils.

Kamagong (90 minutes) P1800 per head

Perfect for sportsmen. A strong massage using heated wooden balls and oils to soothe strained muscles and rejuvenate the senses.

All natural facials to make your skin glow.

Mutya Natural Facial (60 minutes) – P1400

Take years off your face with this soothing facial that uses nature to beautify your skin.

Makisig Gentleman’s Facial (60 minutes) – P1400

Cleanse your face with this revitalizing facial that detoxifies and relaxes.

Indigenous therapeutic massage influenced by generations of gifted natural healers.

Hilot Kagalingan (60 minutes) – P1200

Customized Filipino massage using banana leaves, special herbs and coconut oil to detect the source of physical imbalance and bring your body back to health.

Nilaib (90 minutes) -P1800 (unavailable)

Our Filipino version of the hot stone massage uses steamed pouches of traditional Filipino herbs wrapped in banana leaves that removes body aches and  leaves you rested and rejuvenated.

Lunas Ni Nanay (90 minutes) – P1600 (unavailable)

Hilot with Ventosa- an ancient way of combining vacuum techniques and massage to promote balance and remove toxins from the body.

All natural ingredients are used to cleanse and brighten your skin.

Mayumi Coconut Body Polish (60 minutes) – P1700 (unavailable)

Gentle exfoliation treatment using freshly grated coconut to remove dry dead skin and nourish the body.

Kapeng Barako Coffee Scrub (60 minutes) – P1700 (unavailable)

Detoxifying rub using ground coffee grains to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin.


Pamper your hard working feet with our indigenous treatments.

Dagdagay Foot Massage (60 minutes) – P1000

Tribal foot massage using bamboo sticks to stimulate the soles and a soothing leg and foot massage to cap this stimulating yet soothing treatment.

Hele Foot Spa (60 minutes) – P990

Luxurious foot pampering! Your feet are wrapped and massaged in special oils, till you’re walking on air with cottony soft soles.