Getting Ready for Rainy Season

Wellness Tip: Do Something You Love Every Single Day This can be as small as something such as cooking your favorite breakfast, writing in a journal a few minutes a day, participating in a local event, participating in a favorite hobby, or anything else that you just truly love. Doing something small for yourself every day is a great way to enhance serotonin levels in the body to raise those feel good hormones on a regular basis. –one greenplanetrainyDays

Must–Haves for the Rainy Season

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has recently declared the start of the rainy season. How ready are you for this? In case you aren’t that prepared for it yet, let us remind you of some must-haves.

Umbrella – You look outside the window and see the clear blue skies, so you decide to just leave your umbrella at home. What you don’t know is that later in the afternoon, it will get really cloudy and heavy rain will pour. Sounds familiar, right? To avoid this from happening to you, always bring your umbrella. It’s better to be ready at all times than end up soaking wet under the heavy rain.

Hand Sanitizer – Regular handwashing may seem too basic, yet it can do wonders. It can help lower your risk of catching common colds and other diseases. However, there are instances when clean water and soap are simply not available, so you cannot even wash your hands. Don’t be helpless during such times. Be prepared by always bringing a hand sanitizer with you.

Jacket or Sweater – Temperature usually drops when it is raining so hard. Your body may have a hard time adjusting to this change, particularly if you are in an air-conditioned area. To keep yourself warm despite the situation, add another layer to your clothing. Wear a jacket or a sweater.

Rain Boots ­– Do you live, work, or pass by an area that’s prone to flooding? Do not hesitate to use rain boots whenever necessary. This way, you can avoid getting your feet exposed to the murky and dirty flood water through which leptospirosis and other diseases can be transmitted.

Water Bottle – Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can simply forget about the importance of hydration. In fact, you still need to take in a lot of fluids during the rainy season even if you don’t feel thirsty that often. Hydration keeps sicknesses at bay, especially when it’s rainy.

Better be ready than sorry. Lower your risk of getting diseases through these must-haves. To take things to a whole new level, you may take advantage of the wellness treatments at Nurture Wellness Village. Choose from a wide variety of services, including detox and holistic wellness services. These services will help boost your health, so you are more prepared for the rainy season.

Nurture Wellness Village Participates in the

4thFarm Tourism Conference and Farm Tourism FestivalHP0A3528

Nurture Wellness Village participated in the recently concluded 4th Farm Tourism Conference and Farm Tourism Festival. Held at the Summit Ridge Hotel in Tagaytay from July 14 to 16, 2016, this event gathered the big names in the emerging industry of farm tourism. Nurture Wellness Village President Cathy B. Turvill served as one of the speakers during the event. Nurture Wellness Village was also on the list of successful farms the conference attendees visited.

For years, Nurture Wellness Village has been a well-known hotel and resort in Tagaytay. It is a champion when it comes to relaxation, primarily because of its cozy accommodations and highly effective wellness services.  Its in-house restaurant, Gabriela, has also been a go-to place of individuals, families, and group of friends who want to indulge in mouthwatering yet guilt-free tourism 2

Apart from these, Nurture Wellness Village also takes pride in its very own organic farm called the Nurture Farmacy. Here, they see a wide array of vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants. Throughout the tour, they are given useful information on how these plants are grown as well as their practical uses and health benefits.

Through this, visitors are made aware of which plants or types of produce are good for certain organs of the body as well as how they are used to cure ailments. There is also a demo on some traditional practices involving medicinal plants. Visitors are taught about vermiculture, and fungiculture, too. They visit Nurture Wellness Village’s own compost pits mushroom farm.

frontLearn the answers to these and more at Nurture Farmacy, Amadeo, Cavite, a short 90 minute drive from Makati.
Natural farming. Plants’ medicinal powers. Filipino culture.
Discover Phytotherapy: using plants to prevent sickness and heal disease. See how natural pesticides and fertilizers are made. Rediscover Filipino tradition and customs.
FLEXIBLE OPTIONS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE!  Choose among day tours, delicious picnics, boodle feasts, teambuilding, and overnight bon fire camping
For inquiries and reservations, please call Mobile: +63 918 888 8772 Telephone: +63 2 710 9786 Bgy Talon, Amadeo, Cavite. (10 minute walk from Nurture Wellness Village: Nurture Wellness Village Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West Cavite, Tagaytay, Luzon 4120, Philippines)
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