Delightful Dining Restaurant

Committed to making life a wondrous experience, Nurture has created healthy and delicious cuisine including delectable non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes which can compete as one of the best restaurant in Tagaytay city. As part of the Locavore movement, most of our ingredients are sourced from our own gardens or from close by guaranteeing their freshness. This is also our way of supporting the local economy.

Our wellness cuisine philosophy:

  1. We want our guests to enjoy Wellness! We take extra effort to make sure that our food is tasty and healthy with various options available for various age groups and genders.
  2. We make wellness cuisine an attractive choice for our guests, by making the wellness experience FUN, tasty and easy.
  3. We offer our guests various choices, wherever they are in their wellness journey. Nurture’s food menu includes meat (like Bulalo and beef steak). However we try to cook our food in a healthier manner- i.e. fat is skimmed from the Bulalo.
    As certain favorite Filipino dishes can be unhealthy, we offer healthier options: Lamb adobo, chicken kare kare etc
  4. For guests who are very advanced in their wellness journey, we offer the full spectrum of healthy cuisine – from raw food, salads, blended fruits and vegetable juices to pure vegetable juices.
  5. Our food is sourced locally whenever possible: we have our own organic garden- we do our own compostingthus we can be sure that our veggies are organically grown,.for fruits that we don’t grow, we choose vendors and suppliers who ensure that our fruits and veggies are fresh and free from pesticides to the extent possible.
  6. We have chosen Kale as our signature product – since Kale is grown in our gardens and is very rich in protein, Vitamin K, A and C. Thus we have our signature drinks like Kale pineapple, Kale lemon etc which are unique, delicious and healthy.