WorkWell Project


The stresses and pressure of today’s environment are big cause of imbalance, which prevents one from performing optimally at work or at home. At Nurture Spa Village, we have created ways to bring balance to the mind and soul, allowing one to perform at one’s best, consistency. Our unique Camping (Glamorous Camping) package allows you to enjoy the joys of camping minus the hassle.

Beyond that, we realize that corporate meetings and other business events are more successful when done away from the office. When there is a powerful need to focus on issues when done away from the office. When there is a powerful need to focus on issues and shut out the daily hubbub of the workplace, taking the team to a quieter place often helps.

For this reason, Nurture Wellness Village – Nature Tagaytay Hotels & Spa offers a selection of spacious and comfortable function rooms and overnight hotel accommodations perfect for a variety of business functions. Our flexible and affordable packages come with interesting activities, amazing food, wonderful extras, and our fantastic team to take good care of yours.

Workwell Project

workwellAre your employees tired, burnt out and looking worse for wear? Angling to reignite the corporate moxie of your top managers? Allow us to introduce them to a life reconnected through our groundbreaking The Workwell Project. This highly dynamic and uniquely personal wellness experience is designed to jumpstart your team’s journey towards sustainable healthy living and greater office productivity.

Through its focused and personalized Team Reconnect, your management group and team members are immersed in interactive sessions that synergize elements of holistic team building with uniquely enjoyable activities tinged with a classic Filipino touch. For companies requiring a more comprehensive health check-up, we offer Team Reconnect Gold, which includes a complete health assessment in addition to fun and interactive wellness activities. Team reconnect package options are available for overnight and day visit.

The Workwell Project presents wellness in an entirely different light, as can be seen in the following fun -filled yet educational activities.