“Nurturing the soul”

Nurture Spa Village was a dream. It literally made my heart happy to be in the mountains at this location. It is easy to get to and a relatively short drive from Manila. I am an expat living in Manila and miss nature. This will be my new regular haven. The staff was remarkable. Their customer was excellent which is a very very rare find for The Philippines. The grounds were organized, clean, serene and heavenly. The weather was “cold” and we bundled ourselves with blankets the staff provided us. Our group got the foot spa in the outside gazebos overlooking the mountains. It was so peaceful and my feet still feel rejuvenated days later. Our service was followed by the most excellent ginger tea which was as soothing and flavorful as our tarragon welcome tea. We were able to take a tour around the grounds and were continually impressed. They have an area allocated for “glamping” which would be marvelous for families. There is a trampoline and lovely wooden play structure for the wee ones. During our tour we happened upon the “u-pick” garden which is literally a treasure to behold. They had KALE for goodness sakes. At the end of our tour we at lunch in the open dining hall which is compared to a woodlands wedding celebration. Just lovely. The menu is the most impressive menu I have seen in The Philippines. I do not typically eat Filipino food but literally every item had my mouth salivating. It was fresh and flavorful, probably because it is a farm to table meal. I couldn’t stop and had to finish with dessert and was of course overwhelmed with enjoyment. Nurture valley is a great place for business retreats, focusing on health and wellness, couples to focus on romance and enjoy being with one another and the serenity of nature or a wonderful experience for a family campout (or just in one of the rooms!) The pool is small but other than that I have only positive remarks and literally can not wait for my next trip to Nurture Valley.