“Always been my hiding place”

This will be my 2nd visit & review for Nurture. It took me quite some time to gather my thoughts but nevertheless I wouldn’t fail to share my tranquil retreat. We got the best deal ever offered by Nurture, it was an overnight accom, housed to their garden view room. The price we paid for the accom was itself consumable, yes you read it right, consumable! It only means we got a free pampering for an overnight worth!

The service was impeccable, it always felt like home. I was surprised with the changes not only inside the village but to the main road as well. Seems like most of my whinges couple of years ago were heard. Having no cable channels when I visited was not an issue at all (I’ve read they already have channels to chose from) cos I came there for total relaxation and they delivered it once again. We arrived at 10 in the evening, there was no one to welcome us aside from the security, we were informed though about the policy since they were promoting tranquil/relaxation. I just wished they would assigned atleast one person to take charge every night aside from the guard, you know for emergency needs of their guest/s. Anyway, everything we requested was right inside our room, our dinner prepared ahead of time, drinks & some movies to chose from.

For someone deafened by the hustle & bustle of city life, nurture’s seamless landscape is a sanctuary. I like the idea of freshly cooked breakfast since I’m not a morning person and ofcourse, a visit wouldnt be sealed without a spa treatment. If there’s a crowd of guest/s, its advisable to booked your sched a day ahead and better if you’ll pick the earliest sched possible. We had an individual body massage and tried their sea salt scrub this time. Worth every peso, I would never hesitate to come back.

Stayed March 2013, traveled as a couple