Our Philosophy

HOLISTIC. The holistic CHOICES model of Wellness, developed by Nurture ‘s founder Cathy Turvill, underlies all Nurture activities and are designed to enhance and rejuvenate Nurture’s guests in body, mind and spirit. The acronym CHOICES stands for: C – Control Stress, Choose to be Positive; H – Healthy Eating, Hydrate; O – Oxygenate; I – Immune Boost; C – Cleanse Body, Mind, Emotion; E – Embrace natural healing therapies; S – Sleep, Social and Spiritual Connections.

QUALITY. Nurture has at least 6 management and staff who are internationally certified by CIBTAC, UK. Its therapists are licensed by the Department of Health and are trained for a minimum of 2 months to the highest standards by internationally licensed trainers. Updates and refresher training are provided by its sister company, Spa & Wellness Professionals , an international spa consultancy and training company. Its Amu’in massage oils and room amenities are blended fresh by Nurture Wellness Village’s sister company, award winning Spa Essentials and are made only of the finest quality therapeutic essential oils sourced from the best suppliers.

PROUDLY FILIPINO. Nurture pioneered in introducing a distinctly Filipino-branded spa menu with favorites like its unique “Nilaib” massage -a Filipino version of the Hot Stone Massage, its popular “Magsing-irog massage”, its linen made of “Abel” or hand-woven Ilocano fabric and its “Ifugao Spa Suites” inspired by the architecture of the world famous Banaue Rice Terraces. Its unique and distinct traditional spa rituals, Filipino paintings, architecture and décor combine to give you a glimpse of the Filipino soul, one that immerses you in a unique Filipino cultural healing and wellness experience.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Nurture hires its therapists and staff primarily from the local communities. All team members are encouraged to adapt a wellness lifestyle and taught practical tips during monthly meetings to help them lead healthier and happier lives. Outreach programs are sponsored by Nurture to introduce concepts of wellness and sustainability to the neighboring barangays. Whenever possible, Nurture uses products which support local communities. It’s massage beds are made by out of school youth, capiz décor are made by depressed communities and part of the proceeds of its Amuin Massage Oils are used to support essential-oil producing communities.

SUSTAINABILITY. Nurture Village embraces environmental protection as a philosophy and strives to become an eco-friendly establishment. It is a member of Zero Carbon Resorts and its best practices in sustainability have been featured in media. Nurture’s restaurant serves vegetables from its own organic garden which uses compost from the kitchen as fertilizer. Nurture also practices waste management techniques. Its green bathrooms feature Eco-knit Towels which dry faster than ordinary towels and biodegradable packaging for its hotel amenities. As part of the Locavore movement, most of our ingredients are sourced from our own gardens or from close by guaranteeing their freshness . This is also our way of supporting the local economy.